Sunday 2 Feb.


This was breakfast today! After a week of being sick and hardly being able to move,  today I did it – a one hour exercise dvd and a decent breakfast, you know, I think I feel better already.
I am back at work after a short but busy break and have enrolled in my studies again – so its all happening.
So glad to be alive, so many positive things in my life!  Love my life  xxxx

28 January 2014


Well another busy week has passed.  Within the space of a week, I have been to Sydney to spend some time with our son and watch him at footy training, returned home to pump water for stock – as our two creeks are now totally dry, then went to Wollongong for our daughter to compete at the NSW Athletics Country Championships – she brought home two gold medals (and set two new records) and one silver medal. 


Also managed to catch up with my best friend Maree.  Maree started up the FB support page that I spoke of on a previous post. It was a bloody awesome night – all of us being together – including all of our children.  So while to food was laid on, Maree and I were conservative with what we ate and drank.  I guess we were supporting each other!


So I am back to work in two days time – that should see me have a much more structured exercise regime also – so here’s to February!!


Sunday – Lazy day!


Another busy week! I am currently on holidays from my work. This last week seen me fairly busy, with a couple of days early in the week to get ready for a four day trip to Sydney – multi purpose – for my daughter to attend a “throws” coaching clinic at Homebush, to spend some time with my son and to celebrate a late Christmas with my closest friend and her family.

I started the week strongly at home – exercising every day – keeping a record of my efforts on my HRM. Sydney though, was a little different. While there was a fair amount of walking on a daily basis, I did eat too many bad things and drank to much at my friend’s house for our Christmas celebration.

In an attempt to counteract the effects of the food/wine intake, I did a significant workout of Friday morning – this consisted of a long walk and strength and conditioning exercises followed by the essential cool down.

To my surprise, I had ONLY gained 300grams whilst away. So today I hit the paddocks and work it off before I have to weigh in again this coming week!

Must say though, had an awesome time away and look forward to heading back to Sydney again last this coming week.

FOCUSSED – once again


The week before last my closest friend mentioned she was going to start up a private FB page – a support group  – just for a few friends who want their health to improve – some of us need to lose weight, others have lost weight but want to get some shape about themselves, and most importantly, we all want to be healthy. I have taken this seriously, I bought a diary – primarily to use as a food diary – to help keep me honest!  And it is working.  Every day I record what I eat and drink.  I try to exercise daily – and I wear my POLAR HRM – which keeps a track of what I do.  I am proud to, that this week I have lost 2.9kgs!  And my official weigh in day is tomorrow!

I have drank at least 4 bottles of waters per day – so approx. 2.5lts , started the day with a cup of tea and cereal, and haven’t felt hungry yet. My meal plan remains structured around that of 12WBT and with only three weeks remaining on the current Round, I plan to finish carrying less weight that I was at the start. 


Just goes to show how important a mindset is!  I am back reading health and fitness magazines and website and have also decided to do a writing course through the summer Uni break!

Cheers everyone – hope your all doing fine!

One month later . . . . . . . .

It has been one whole month since I was last here. I have decided, like suggested by so many others, that, for 2014, rather than set resolutions, I would set goals.
My last month has been totally disasterous, I have eaten an enormous amount of unhealthy food and consumed way to much alcohol. tumblr_mdt8xa8u4q1rr4bgro1_500 Despite having my children and husband with me for Christmas, I somehow felt very lonely. Don’t get me wrong, Christmas and New Year was lovely – quiet and relaxing after my hectic threes months leading up to Christmas. But this Christmas, things just felt different.
I am back at my usual job now – which really is very uninspiring – I think I have lost my mojo!! I have already been buying lollies from the “lollie man”. So disappointing.
On a brighter note, my close friend is looking to lose weight and has started up a FB page – which of course I have been included in her private group. I am hoping that this may help motivate me. I have four weeks remaining on the 12wbt and I also plan to become involved in the forums – I just haven’t had my head in it this time, so I need to start to utilise the resources there otherwise I have just given away $200. I don’t like to give money away, it’s too hard to come by.
So here’s to the New Year. My goal is to move forward and to find the positive in each day.

Sunday 1 December 2013


Another week has passed and I have done very little exercise – I somehow managed to injure my leg last Monday afternoon, when I was putting in that “little bit extra” and I have barely been able to walk all week.  While I have watched  what was going into my mouth, I have not been 100% clean with my eating.
On a more positive note, I have now finished working away from home, which effectively gives me an extra 3 hours per day (in the past that was travel time), so upon our return from Townsville, I will be using that three hours for exercise – including a 6km daily walk.
I do prefer to exercise in the morning – as I tend to think before eating along the lines of “why spoil the effort of this morning by eating wrong, then I finish the day off with the 5pm 6km walk – rain, hail or shine.
I need routine – I LOVE routine.

24 November 2013

Another week has passed – and I have not stayed on track. The daily three hour drive to and from work has taken its toll on me – I think worsened because I know that I now have only four more days and then its over. Motivation is nowhere to be found!
On a brighter note, in just over one week I will be accompanying my daughter to National Athletics in Townsville – we have not been to Townsville before so we are looking forward to the adventure.

This week, I have three things that I WANT to achieve, to be in the right head space for work, to be on top of house work etc so that we can leave for Townsville knowing everything is under control at home and thirdly, but most importantly, eat clean, drink plenty of water and MOVE!!!

The recent rain has bought us some much needed relief, with next to no water in the creeks and little feed for our horses, things were looking a bit dire. But now I am right to head north!!! And can’t wait.

Today I also have three tasks on the ‘must do’ list – cook my mum’s Christmas Fruit Cake, catch of on the 12wbt forums and do my ‘SSS’ – yes I know its a day late, but better late than never!

So here’s to the coming week!